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Hi, I am Jeroen, the co-founder and CEO of Bohemi.

Before starting Bohemi, I gained over 10 years experience in social media marketing, and worked at Facebook for over five years – supporting the largest brands in Europe.

My job was to increase the performance of Facebook & Instagram campaigns of some of the most advanced advertisers in the world.

I am here now to get you the same results as these brands, regardless of your budget.

Our goal is to provide more value than just likes and engagement

A hundred likes and comments are nice, but what about your sales? Do you really make in impact? Are you really reaching your target audience?

You should generate sales, or other measurable impact from Facebook & Instagram and other social platforms.

We focus on social media marketing and advertising, with a goal of increasing your sales.


With over 10 years experience with in the travel, ecom and retail industries, I have worked with the most advanced and sophisticated brands in the world including:


I have worked with dozens of brands that spend millions per year on Facebook & Instagram Advertising and still get a positive Return on Investment on these budgets.

There is a proven strategy all these brands have in common.

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What about influencers?

If you have any type business in hospitality or provide any type of service to your customers, you will get messages on a daily basis from people with a lot of followers, that ask for a collaboration.

This collaboration generally means you will give a discount or offer your service for free in exchange for one or more posts by the influencer that are seen by a lot of people.

But are those followers your target audience… or are they just there to look at pretty pictures? Or are the fake? Or from the other side of the world?

A good influencer strategy can help to decide which influencers to work with, and in what capacity.

We aim to turn the process around and can help you find the real influencers of your target audience and work with them to help promote your business and turn collaborations into revenue.

We can help create a winning influencer strategy

…and take care of communication and planning with (potential) influencers and celebrity collaborations.

Social Media Advertising

They say Facebook & Instagram have become platforms where reach is no longer free, and you have to pay to play. We agree, but we also know that Social media advertising is one of the most effective ways of advertising.

With laser precision targeting and powerful algorithms you can turn your budgets into profits. Social Media are not the same as they were a few years ago. Facebook and instagram are powerful engines for social commerce, and the number one place for people to discover new things or experiences they are buying.

Curious what we can do for your business?

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